Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Crossover Wraparound Apron

I had been intending to make one of these for ages.  I tried out the 1940's type with tonnes of binding but what I wanted were simpler lines.  Betsy is wearing the photo-type which she loves.

I was thinking sophisticated Japanese, but of course who can resist a bit of floral.

I love this style because the weight is distributed across the shoulders and not all on the neck,
even with the deep pockets.

Burnt orange and eau-de-nil in a heavy two tone linen.

The lighter weight fabrics can be worn as day wear when no 'work' is being done
 - as if that ever happens.
I've been wearing a chocolate brown linen with red stitches.

These have all gone but I will be chained to the sewing machine this week.

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