Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Long Time Coming

My third attempt at Simplicity 2444.  This one took considerably longer though.  The first muslin took a couple of hours and that was with cutting out the pattern.  The second car print took a bit longer, maybe 4 because I had to perfectly match the join in the middle of the print and place the illustrations exactly where I wanted them.

This is number three, so it should have been a breeze but by this time I was getting a bit cocky.  I had a very pretty Liberty Lawn that I could have used but then I re-discovered this in my stash.  I got it a few years ago from my favourite fabric shop, if money was no object I'd never shop anywhere else.  Cloth House is in Berwick Street in Soho, there are a few really good fabric shops in that area and some overpriced but good vintage shops.  I like it because it only carries the best, pricey but worth it because you just can't find fabric like that all under one roof anywhere else.  Anyway I think I paid about £35 a metre for this silk because I loved the colours, it was a fairly loose weave and unusual, a bit shot/tonic. 

 Once I started working with it I realised my error,  the thread is so fine that if you breathe it moves, because it's a loose weave as soon as it's cut it frays like billyo but worst of all it has a sort of optical illusion effect.   The black weft thread is super super fine and starts with one strand and build up to very dense, if you are dead centre in front of it and move left or right the depth of shade changes.  Every time you pin, measure or cut you need to be in just the right position.  There are a lot of pleats and darts in this pattern and with a stripe running horizontal and vertical it took some time and a lot of unpicking and re-doing.  In total this took me a whopping 25 hours to complete with all the edges and hem hand stitched.  I stabilised the whole bodice with vilene and overlocked like mad which I wouldn't normally do on a garment for me, I prefer french seams but that was never going to happen.

The big day finally arrived and it looked okay, I love the deep pockets - my phone was safe and sound all day thats how big they are - but look like i'm slouching when my hands are shoved in.  The engineering in the bodice worked well, the skirt is so swishy and the whole thing very comfortable but I suppose that is because it is a bespoke bit of tailoring and fits like a glove which is what you should get if you can be bothered to make something for your exact body shape.

My favourite 1950's Lucite bag got an outing and many many compliments, 
I bought it many years ago it from here, the most fabulous shop for vintage jewellery and bags. 
Glorious weather, a chilled out wedding and an ice cream bicycle to die for.
Congratulations Daim and Jane, a rare and perfect day.

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