Monday, 24 August 2015

In Service

I often feel like I am in service and now I have the waistcoat to prove it.
I am pretty sure that this would have belonged to a butler/valet/footman.

I thought it was woven but on closer inspection it's some sort of thick and thin needlepoint, 
I've never seen anything like it.  It must have cost a pretty penny.

Fabulous buttons and detailing.

Filthy from years of hard work.

The buttons are on a brass shank, one has a repair - love it.

An extra vertical buttonhole, pocket watch maybe?

A very fine pure wool.

I found a pin still in the corner, it looks like it has been there since it was made.
It was completely hidden and very difficult to get out.

A whopper compared to my modern day pins.

The woven was used right up to the selvedge, which of course all the best people do.

It's not a garment I particularly needed or that I usually would wear but I couldn't resist.
It's off to the tub for now.

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