Thursday, 13 August 2015

ZickZack Scarf

The ZickZack Scarf, a free download from Ravelry.

470 Rows, averaging 2 minutes 25 seconds per row 
which comes out at roughly 19 hours knitting, mostly catching up with Nashville.

                                                    I got the wool at this years Woolfest.

Purchased from the lovely ladies at Emily Foulds.

 2 Balls x 2 colours of Lang Milli Colori Baby.


  1. Hello! I really admire your Zick Zack scarf! In fact, I have tried to make this scarf myself and for some reason I just can't figure it out! Your's turned out so beautiful and I'm just not sure what I am doing wrong! I've started and ripped 4 or 5 times. I even wondered if there was a mistake in the pattern. I do not get the rick rack pattern when I follow the pattern:( Any pointers? Twyla

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