Friday, 25 September 2015

London Underground Moquette

I've done a big shop up-date today.

I love the fabrics on London Transport and was thrilled to learn that Transport for London were recreating some of the iconic moquette designs from London Transport Museum's archive.

I had to get hold of some!

I chose the Piccadilly Line above.

District Line, above.

My favourite I think is from the buses. 
 Marylebone, developed in the late 1930's and first used on a new batch of RT-Type London buses.
I may have sneaked one for myself in bright orange, grey and charcoal with brown leather and bright orange stitching and it may currently be in my handbag with sock knitting tucked safely inside.
 I cannot stop stroking it!

The smaller ones are perfect for cards, change and keys.
 Mid sized fit a mobile phone, money and door key.
The larger ones maybe make-up, travel documents or a small knitting project.

Plum and grey is rather nice.

I do love the blue, I've teamed it with a black leather that looks more navy with the bright blue contrast stitching and zip.  This one more than any of the others reminds be of how bus seats used to be a long long time ago with the leather over the moquette and bold stitching.

I also had a piece of the most glorious tweed from 1908, meticulously labelled, timeless.
The weft is brown and the warp thread is cream with slubs of bright red, blue/green and yellow. 
I used the twisted selvedge against the tan leather because it's just so clever.  

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