Monday, 28 December 2015

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

We popped over to Viking country for the Holidays.

Miss Belle living it up in Charity Shop Chic - sheepskin waistcoat a fiver from the rag market,
Stella McCartney overcoat scouted out in a charity shop by a friend with a very good eye 
and a £2.50 leather handbag.
  She spent some of her Christmas Krone on a vintage fur muff that put her gloves to shame, toasty.

Louis sporting a Baa-ble Hat - with monster pom pom - designed by Donna Smith for Shetland Wool Week and carrying a very useful Shetland Wool Week bag.  
He is also wearing theTardis scarf that I knit him..

Out by the sea we definitely needed the wool for warmth.  I like to get my wear out of a hand knit, Miss Belle has been wearing this hat since she was two, that's eight years and a few more in it yet. We christened it the 'Dora' hat after Dora the Explorer all those years ago, I think because it's the same pink as her t.shirt and I didn't want to buy her an acrylic Dora one,  anyway it did the trick and it's still her favourite.

The Tivoli was fabulous as always, who would have thought 
a one hundred year old wooden roller coaster could be such fun,
I think they rode it about a dozen times, I could only manage it twice.

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