Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Real Marigold Hotel

I have just watched The Real Marigold Hotel and screamed when I saw my Rambagh Palace.

I didn't have time to use the pool in the guest house, too busy exploring.

What I lacked in my Hindi I made up for with Sherbet Lemons
while visiting the ladies of the SEWA cooperative.

I was in here for only a few minutes and the fumes were a killer, probably literally.
All the men in here were young.

This gentleman had been working at his Indigo pot for 45 years.
For me these pictures are the difference between 'cheap' and 'proper'.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mass Production-ish

What an excellent year 1972 was.  This Harris Tweed was made up in to a jacket for a very slender and extremely tall gentleman, as I don't expect to ever come across such a singularly unique body I made it up into many small things after it had a good old soak of course. 
 I also came across some brilliant hand woven with seemingly every colour under the sun. 
 I can never understand why people choose plain things?

January has been very busy behind the scenes,
 many projects on the go,
 first shop order out of the door,
 lots to upload to the Etsy shop if I ever see daylight 
and a pile of socks that are thankfully off the needles
 because I have Raggsock yarn that is desperate to be knit up.
 I might be a convert to the chunky stuff!

Saturday, 16 January 2016


I have a basket that I put all of my darning/fixing/needs a button  or just needs finishing stuff in, it was getting a little bit out of control, mostly with little jobs that only require five minutes.  I put a new zip into a pair of my favourite jeans that had been waiting for about six months - this may be my greatest achievement to date!  I found a bag with a very nearly finished pair of thrummed mittens for Louis.  One was complete and the second just needed the decreases at the end and a thumb, I've got no idea why I gave up on them, something better must have come along.

 Somebody will be pleased.

Alpaca socks from a very well known yarn label, not cheap, and they had a hole after a couple of wears.   I love a bit of darning but not on nearly new socks.  I've learned my lesson.

I didn't have anything for the job in a remotely similar colour so I went for the good old Woolworth Mending Yarn, sixpence well spent.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Normal Service...

...resumes, what's normal?

Back to school and work sadly.  I completed my holiday knitting in 2 flights and and excellent 13 hour audiobook, The Lords of The North by Bernard Cornwell,  The Last Kingdom got me hooked.  Of course plenty of Darts.

Void by Melanie Berg. 
I knit it in 6 days over the holidays
Knit in a couple of skeins of undyed Alpaca and some rather lovely bright yellow Alpaca from Border Mill that I purchased at In The Loop in August.