Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mass Production-ish

What an excellent year 1972 was.  This Harris Tweed was made up in to a jacket for a very slender and extremely tall gentleman, as I don't expect to ever come across such a singularly unique body I made it up into many small things after it had a good old soak of course. 
 I also came across some brilliant hand woven with seemingly every colour under the sun. 
 I can never understand why people choose plain things?

January has been very busy behind the scenes,
 many projects on the go,
 first shop order out of the door,
 lots to upload to the Etsy shop if I ever see daylight 
and a pile of socks that are thankfully off the needles
 because I have Raggsock yarn that is desperate to be knit up.
 I might be a convert to the chunky stuff!

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