Thursday, 16 June 2016

Blueprints For Sewing Cabin Pattern

I made myself a little Cabin from Blueprints For Sewing over the weekend.
I have worn it and I'm not sure it's absolutely my thing as a dress in this fabric 
- I think I might prefer it in needlecord or denim -  I may shorten it. 
It is a great shape to wear and the pattern and instructions are brilliant.

The fabric is Oxford, Alice In Wonderland Liberty Tana Lawn from  Shaukat - buy online they really don't want to serve customers in store - or visit the many shops along Goldhawk Road.  
The contrast fabric is an old linen tablecloth, I knew it would come in handy.

I love the roomy inverted back pleat and the weltless pockets, 
who knew pockets could be so easy yet look so good?
I'll be making another Cabin and those pockets are going on everything from now on.

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