Monday, 4 July 2016


This is my Houlland hot off the needles.  A beautiful design by the very talented Donna Smith from The Book of Haps from the also very talented Kate Davies.   I never cease to be thrilled by the fact that we live in an age when independent designers can get their work out there without 'big people'.  I always think about Elizabeth Zimmerman - what would EZ do? -  having her in-the-round designs broken down into separate pieces when written up by big yarn companies because us simple knitters wouldn't be able to  cope.  Ravelry, WOW, I remember the days when you went to the wool shop and had to buy the pattern and wool at the same time, you absolutely could not buy the pattern on its own, really!  I idle away many a happy hour looking at designs on Ravelry looking at what other clever knitters have done with them, how much yarn I will need and what's the construction technique before I click and pay and download and then I'm away.
  If only I good go back in time and tell the knitters I have known.

Houlland before blocking.

Houlland on the wires.

Before blocking.

Border before blocking.

The very same border after blocking.

I was desperate to cast this on but I didn't have the correct weight yarn * in a colour that I wanted - I already have a full hap that I adore in natural colours - so I improvised.  I had 150g of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift and after a bit of maths and careful consideration of the schematic - always useful - I decided that I could get away with missing out one complete tree from the pattern, (one either side), and reduced the number of points on the border accordingly.  It weighs 135g so for once I wasn't playing yarn chicken and because it's a slightly thicker wool and I did it on a bigger needle I think it looks okay.  Lace knitting gives a lot of hours of good knitting and fantastic results for not much yarn/pennies and years and years of wear.
* It should be done in Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme 2ply Lace, 800m/100g.

In other news, my 15 year old first born has left school -
- we found the tramp in the garden - 
and somehow managed to be voted Prom King.

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