Friday, 14 October 2016

Adventures in Dressmaking

I saw this made by Oonaballoona and fancied one,
Simplicity 8014,  the waisted longer one in denim.

Lots of women looked good in this dress.

I've no idea why I thought this would look good in this fabric, I look like an elephant in very good Japanese fabric.  It's essentially done, just needs the buttonholes and hemming but I'm going to let it sit for a while and eventually inspiration is sure to strike.

On a positive note, Merchant & Mills never fail me.
I bought the Top 64 pattern from Ray Stitch - a fab shop - ages ago and had a test run in some orange check brushed flannel which I've worn to death.  I made this one up in some coated linen that I bought a few weeks ago hoping that if I washed it the coating would fade and it did just what I expected/wanted.  I made this up the week before my Shetland trip and It's been constantly worn.  I feel very industrious in it, not sure if that's down to the fabric or the pockets or the shape.  I've also made the Merchant & Mills  Trapeze Dress  and their Dress Shirt a few times

On the same fabric buying trip I bought this really thick teal coloured Indian cotton with the intention of making a table cloth, I bought plenty so I thought I'd try another Top 64 although I haven't got around to the tablecloth yet.  This again was whipped up for Shetland and has been worn lots.  I see many more in my future, they are so comfy to wear because not only is it a raglan sleeve but the sleeve is made of two shoulder shaped pieces, a really clever piece of engineering. 

I also made a double faced wool coat for my trip but I think I'm going to take it apart and tweak it, more of that later.  My last super-fast make for Wool Week was the 2 Hour Top a free pattern from Laura at Sew Different - I've also got my eye on this one that she made up from Sewing Bee. 
The 2 Hour Top  is a free pattern but there is a donation button set at £2 which I clicked because it's a very useful site, but you don't have to.  I made this raglan for the first time a couple of months ago from a yellow checked tablecloth and it's proved to be very useful so I made another from some lightweight pure linen bought on that same very successful buying trip.  I think I originally made it a smidge longer than the printed pattern but I forgot so I wore it over a plain long sleeve top which just happened to have the same curved hem, my original also had a straight hem, it's really easy to tweak.

My fastest no-sew make of all.  Queenie was shivering in the cold so I cut the sleeve off a charity shop Harrods cashmere sweater - this is real quality, it's 1960's - and just guessed at a couple of arm holes, she's worn it a bit and since this photo I've rounded off the arms and chopped a couple of inches off the length.   The hilarious thing is it's got a roll neck and she takes no notice of it at all, it's like she's always had a wardrobe of cashmere sweater for lounging around the house in.  I see many more of these in her future.

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