Friday, 14 October 2016

London Underground Victoria Line Moquette

On a recent buying trip I managed to secure a very small amount of original London Underground moquette, this is like gold dust, I've only ever seen used seats before but this one is absolutely pristine.  I was very excited when I spotted it.  Like my Welsh Tapestry, they just don't make it of quite the same quality any more and the patterns are timeless.

I may have spoken about my recent trip to Shetland before!  I needed a decent sized hand bag that could double as a useful tote and this is what I came up with for myself.   Being made of moquette it's robust but will stay looking good, just think of all those bums on tube seats over the years. it's basically a very intricate and well made carpet.  A roomy zip pocket to keep my purse, phone and keys safe, a couple of pockets for a small notebook and pen, tissues etc. leaving the main void of the bag free for knitting, shopping, stuff I picked up along the way. I had so many enquiries about this bag that I decided to make one more, the remaining fabric I have a few little jobs for.

I was up at 4am this morning delivering my first born to his coach for a college trip to Paris, so I've got a lot including putting this little gem on my Etsy shop

I improved on my prototype with a very slightly different shape and I tweaked the handles - I think was a bit over the top with double fixings, brass going through a layer of leather and two of moquette isn't going anywhere.

It will stand up on its own, loaded or not.

 I love the simplicity of the pattern...

and the red, white and blue is a timeless colour combination.

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