Friday, 7 October 2016

Shetland Wool Weeeeeeek! - Day 3 Fair Isle

The view from my seat in the eight seater plane. 
I'm not the best flyer and so was a bit dubious but this was brilliant, we flew at 1000ft and it was like being in the Harry Potter flying car, it's the only way I want to fly from now on.

Up up and away.

Fair Isle is a little rock surrounded by miles and miles of water, 
as we approached I couldn't believe that this was it, 
I just couldn't comprehend its size and position in the world both geographically and knitterly.

Coming in to land.

View from top of the lighthouse.


We were taken by Matti up to the lighthouse for a tour with Stewart - the stories he can tell, then fabulous tea and cake in the lighthouse B&B, welcomed in to the museum by Anne, the low down on being a Fair Isle knitter/designer today by Matti in her studio, the joys of machine knitting from Hollie in her studio, the most fabulous lunch with the famous Tommy and then off to the bird observatory to meet the Fair Isle knitters and Fisherman's Kep ladies.

The weather was perfect.

View from Matti's studio.

Pretty as a picture.

Everywhere we turned it was just stunning.

I was very impressed by the drying speed.

Coming back in to Tingwall, an airport like no other, until we went to Fair Isle of course.

Even the clouds were pretty.

Best seat in the house.

In the evening we had a talk by Ella Gordon and did a great deal of sweater watching/covetting/photographing.  I loved this colour combo and discussed its full provenance with its maker,  later I looked up the pattern on Ravelry and this one is top of the project page
I knew I had good taste. 

This was one of those very rare days that really don't come along very often, everything went right for us, the weather was perfect - bad weather would have meant the trip was off, the plane ride was a completely new experience, there were some hilarious moments, we were honoured to be welcomed to a place that not many people - compared to the rest of the world - get to visit, we met such lovely, kind, creative, industrious, witty people and learned so much.  We came away enthused to knit, cook, explore, create, I was just blown away by the whole experience.
I will never forget this day as long as I live.

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