Thursday, 13 October 2016

Shetland Wool Week - Day 4

 On Wool Week Tuesday we took a trip to Sandness to the Jamieson's factory,  I'd love a summer job  tiding up here and I could just be paid in wool.  We had a look around the factory and chatted to the workers and other visitors, amazing what you can find out standing by the used cone pigeon holes.

Shetland is like no other place on earth, you think that you are indeed driving to the end of the earth, the road is getting narrower, the only signs of life are the sheep and then out of nowhere pops a factory and a village.

I managed a little bit of shopping, 
oiled 2.1 Shetland to knit Miss Belle a yoked cardi of her own design.

The big cone is lambswool 3/?, (it means something to weavers).

Needles to say I wound this all in to balls to fit in my bag.

Some sample/waste pieces, I might make them into snoods for my children or sweaters for my dogs, depends who's nicest to me!

We also paid a visit to Laurence Odie Knitwear in Hoswick and then back to Lerwick for a talk, 
 ''Did Shetlanders Knit Their Own Furniture?'  I haven't had so much fun since 'In The Loop' 2015 in Glasgow when a male crocheter  - he pronounced it like the musical crotchet - told the mostly female audience that men needed a safe space to craft all the male makers I know seem to be okay.  I think the gist of the talk was, why is there only knitwear heritage/makers/publications in Shetland when people must have used tools and made things from wood, leather, iron.  I would conclude that in this very rare instance women's work has outdone men's work and I didn't need a lecture to work this out.

We went on to the very enjoyable, 'An Evening with Islesburgh Spinning and Knitting Group'.  I've never seen such a diverse display of wheels and obviously fabulous work.

These ladies are queuing for cake, what none of them realised was that there was a near identical table of cake behind them.  I have never queued for cake!

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