Thursday, 13 October 2016

Shetland Wool Week - Day 5

On Wool Week Wednesday we took the ferry to Yell to see the weaving at Global Yell and had a nose at Shona's studio in the Shetland Gallery.  I feel I'm an accomplished RORO driver now but it did feel like the tea cups at Disney coming in to dock and swinging around without being able to see the horizon.

From Yell we took another ferry to Unst, which was the reason for our trip, we wanted to see the famous Unst lace knitting, we were not disappointed.  How these ladies could spin so fine and knit such intricate designs without the aid of our modern day equipment/facilities I'll never know.

Two more ferries to get home and we went to the Bod to hear the famous Anne Sinclair talk on,
  Fair Isle Makes its Mark, wow, I just want to live in Fair Isle the knitwear and the place.
A quick pitstop back at the hub and then in for a very long lecture, 
'In search of Lace, Tweed and Haps.
It was a very long day, fuelled by ginger biscuits and cake.

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