Thursday, 13 October 2016

Shetland Wool Week - Day 6 & Day 7

What no photos?
Wool week Thursday was a little slower in pace, we went again to the fab restaurant in the museum and met up with a Shetland friend the multi talented Helen - she taught three different workshops for Wool Week, Wire Knitting, Felting and Enamelling.  A lovely talk on Shetland Tweed in the afternoon followed by a very long evening lecture entitled Baltic knitting Night.  Finnish native
Outi Kater was a treat to listen to, hers was one of the classes I wish I'd taken after seeing what came from it, maybe next year.

On day 7, Friday, we spent some time in the hub and then went on to Hoswick to take a wood whittling class - the only class we did - with the very patient  Cecil Tait.

Draw out your design and then cut out on the scroll saw.

Then whittle awhile.

I kept my block of wood just to see the difference, this was Horse Chestnut.

I volunteered my Holland for photos, I could have cried when I realised that people were going to ram their fat pins through it,  they were so big I though they'd just lie them on, but I held it together.

The finished article, I've worn mine loads.  My pin was mahogany and I was aiming for something as slim as the Knitpro one that I wear all the time.  This is something that I had never tried before but will certainly be returning to.

After the class we popped in to see the colourful Nielanell and may have made a few purchases and possibly something for my christmas stocking, I like to cut out the middle man and it makes him so much happier when he doesn't have to think of anything!

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