Thursday, 13 October 2016

Shetland Wool Week - Day 9

Sunday, the day before we left, we decided to get ahead on our packing and weight just so we'd sleep that night.  After much brainstorming, the vets close to us was closed, we went to the gym for a weigh in, both under by 5kg so we could breathe again.

Off to Shetland Museum, although we'd been in here most days we'd either been in the hub or in the cafe.  We saved Sunday for a good look at the textiles archive, what a treat.

Some fantastic Fair Isle, photos for colour ideas.

This childs sweater was from 1913.

The hat/kep from 1900's - 1910's, don't they both look fab, timeless.

Of course the lace was amazing.

Onto a proper Shetland Sunday Tea, wow.
It was packed with locals and visitors and no-one in the room ever lifted their head without being offered another drink, the ladies worked very hard, 
a swan on top and paddling hell for leather underneath.

We met lots of friends old and new and made a few while we were there.
I wish I could go there every week, it would really lift the spirits.

A brilliant display of the Guilds work and some very interesting mittens for which I will have to spin the opposite way to the norm, watch this space.

 Monday - day 10 - was going home day we had a walk around Lerwick
 just to find Jimmy Perez' house.

I think I need one of these to remind me of such joyous times.
I had the most wonderful trip, thank you Shetland, I'll be back.

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