Saturday, 26 November 2016

Vintage Needlepoint

I love doing needlepoint they are addictive but lately I just seem to be collecting them on my travels.
This is a very vintage French piece of Napoleon astride his steed, the colours are fabulous the red just pops from the muted browns, greys and greens.

Vintage French again,  a massive 40" x 18.5"  it would look great on a window seat.

 English this time, small but perfectly formed.

This is the best executed piece of needlepoint I've ever come across, above is the reverse side, it looks like a a knit stitch.  It was formerly a chair back from the 1930's I would guess from the type face and wording on the canvas, although the design on it's own could be contemporary but then that's the mark of a timeless design.

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