Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What Would EZ Do?

I'm not always chained to my sewing machine, although I do love it, I occasionally get the chance to sit down and knit.  This is an Elizabeth Zimmermann EPS system sweater, it will be a Henley hence the steel stitches in the middle.  Lots of info on EZ at her famous School House Press. EZ was a very wise woman of knitting and I highly recommend her books, I took Knitting Around with me one Christmas when we went to Munich.  Her writing style is a real treat, Knitting Around is like a memoir, lots of stories and photos with knitting patterns, I was chuffed to say the least to be travelling to places that she mentioned.  This holiday is remembered by my other half as the time he was speared in the hand with a dpn!

The yarn is some Kauni Effectgarn that I bought at the Tivoli - a pleasure gardens with rides who would have though it - in Copenhagen, about 10 years ago before I was big into knitting and knew what I was buying, I must just have a sixth sense for the good stuff.  The main body is a cone of oiled Jamieson's lambswool that I got at their factory when I was in Shetland last year for Wool Week.

Of course the problem with visiting a yarn factory is that  your luggage may need to have a weigh in at the local gym!

I wanted to get to the bottom of every box.

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