Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hand Embroidered Linen

I've been busy in the studio with my vintage tablecloths.   For these photos we tried using the quilt I made for my M.A.  it's completely made up from embroidered tablecloths and the batting is pure wool, I've washed it a good few times in the washing machine and it's doing very well.  This apron has a cottage garden design all around the border, lots of tiny but beautiful flowers and even more abundant now I've added pockets.

I love a good steady curve.

So many woman hours must have gone into this one.

A bright and pretty printed retro floral, these wild roses on linen just make me happy.

Most of the tablecloths that I use have some signs of wear, they've been used and laundered a lot but this is why they appeal to me.  Good linen becomes so soft with age, you just can't get it with anything new.  This one had a repair and it's still there but inside the pocket with the embroidered pocket panel sitting almost exactly over the same corner design.

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