Tuesday, 25 April 2017


We nipped off to Italy again for Easter, 
this time to Milan, completely different from last year in Florence.  

My young assistants both had a tonne of homework/revision which they insisted on taking.  Fortunately for me they had plenty of highlighters, I started Siri on the flight.

On our first morning we had a tour with Andrea from Art Discoveries Milano.  I learned the value of a good guide on my solo trip to India where Nand saved the Jaipur leg of my tour and gave me much advice on the rest of my travels.   If we go to a place we don't know, on the first morning we get a local guide to show what we wouldn't know we were missing and set us up for the rest of our stay.   In Florence Elisabetta gave us the low down on GOOD gelato which was has stood us in good stead. 

Andrea pointed out so much that we would have missed, I particularly liked the laundry.

Magnificent buildings, this is the very up market Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Walking through the Accademia di Brera to get to the hidden Botanical Gardens
we found the students hard at work.

Good gelato, we may have had one every day.

The Fashion District, of course.


Fendi, these boots are knit with a lace pattern.

D&G spools.

Sewing was everywhere, Milan Fashion Week was just the week before.

In Palazzo Morando we found out everything we could possibly want to know about sequins and there was also a pretty comprehensive Manolo Blank retrospective.  Sadly my people felt about shoes in Milan the same as they had about chairs in Copenhagen.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Every Day Style - Lotta Jansdotter

I've made Esme from, Lotta Jansdotter - Everyday Style, a few times before.  I made up a dress before but didn't like it, when will I learn that if you don't absolutely love the fabric don't bother!  I've already worn this a few times and feel a bit like a piece of 1970's wallpaper but I absolutely adore it, very easy to wear.  The fabric I found in a charity shop somewhere, 4m of untouched vintage fairly narrow weave cotton barkcloth on a tiny scale.  It washes and drapes well so that'll do for me.

Then onto a bit of stash busting and I made Esme in a top from some superfine needle cord that I got in Remnant Kings in Glasgow a couple of years ago, (I recently trekked to the one in Edinburgh, not worth the walk but Glasgow is a big thumbs up).  It's got a tiny bit of stretch making it very comfortable to wear although I'm not a big lover of stretch at all.  

I decided to do the neck facing - I normally don't bother and just roll it - with a Liberty lawn.  I got this from Shaukat,  excellent fabric but awful customer service, if you are not easily intimidated then go in and have a rummage, if you are then mail order and you'll be very happy.

These are entomology pins from Watkins and Doncaster The Naturalists, super super super fine and excellent for using with a lawn or chiffon.  I think other famous sewing names do sell them under there own name but these were a much better price and I think longer and obviously the original entomology pin used for pinning insects.

I also added the Liberty to the cuff inner because I like to turn them back and why not have a bit of something fancy on show.  I hand stitched just because I could.

The inside should always look as good as the outside.

Finally the finished garment with the sweet little turn up cuffs.
  I shall be out and about scouting for more fabric in this tomorrow.