Friday, 7 April 2017

Every Day Style - Lotta Jansdotter

I've made Esme from, Lotta Jansdotter - Everyday Style, a few times before.  I made up a dress before but didn't like it, when will I learn that if you don't absolutely love the fabric don't bother!  I've already worn this a few times and feel a bit like a piece of 1970's wallpaper but I absolutely adore it, very easy to wear.  The fabric I found in a charity shop somewhere, 4m of untouched vintage fairly narrow weave cotton barkcloth on a tiny scale.  It washes and drapes well so that'll do for me.

Then onto a bit of stash busting and I made Esme in a top from some superfine needle cord that I got in Remnant Kings in Glasgow a couple of years ago, (I recently trekked to the one in Edinburgh, not worth the walk but Glasgow is a big thumbs up).  It's got a tiny bit of stretch making it very comfortable to wear although I'm not a big lover of stretch at all.  

I decided to do the neck facing - I normally don't bother and just roll it - with a Liberty lawn.  I got this from Shaukat,  excellent fabric but awful customer service, if you are not easily intimidated then go in and have a rummage, if you are then mail order and you'll be very happy.

These are entomology pins from Watkins and Doncaster The Naturalists, super super super fine and excellent for using with a lawn or chiffon.  I think other famous sewing names do sell them under there own name but these were a much better price and I think longer and obviously the original entomology pin used for pinning insects.

I also added the Liberty to the cuff inner because I like to turn them back and why not have a bit of something fancy on show.  I hand stitched just because I could.

The inside should always look as good as the outside.

Finally the finished garment with the sweet little turn up cuffs.
  I shall be out and about scouting for more fabric in this tomorrow.

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