Wednesday, 26 April 2017

La Triennale di Milano

We had a lovely morning in the design museum in Milan - La Triennale di Milano.


We particularly liked the walkway through into the children exhibition.

We saw the temporary design exhibition which happened to have a lot of textiles.  This was the work of China's Miao ethnic group.  Almost all Miao women have an indigo-dyed pleated skirt, each woman would have her own set of tools passed down from mother to daughter.  

The tiny pleats in the fabric are formed with a long pin while the fabric lies around the barrel, it's then roped and wet to set,  waistband etc. added later.


or just pins?

Some beautiful stationary/desk items, I particularly liked the pencil sharpeners, 
have been trying to hunt one down but with no luck so far.

Loved this child's desk.

I just liked the faces on these peg toys.

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