Monday, 8 May 2017

19th Century Chanvre

A book that I would recommend on the state of the fashion industry, featuring a very good table of who the big names are owned by is, Stitched Up by Tansy Hoskins.  
Also a good article on Carin Mansfield of in-ku and a good essay on Slow Fashion.


The completed pockets waiting to be attached, all the edges are seamed, the selvedge at the top is hard to distinguish because it's so fine, that's how the weavers rolled a couple of hundred years ago.

Bottom of pocket, hand stitched on with original hemp thread using modern but authentic beeswax.

Can you make out the top selvedge of the pocket?
I love how the different thread has taken up the dye and slubs.

A close up of the mending on the pocket.  No other part of the apron had to be darned, the sheet had worn thin in the middle so I used it from the bottom selvedge upwards and the darned pockets are purely for my amusement!

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