Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ankara African Waxed Print & Soviet Era Fabric

I've been buying Ankara fabric from Birmingham to Barbados and finally I got down to using it.  It's known as an African waxed fabric, although it's not actually from Africa.  It has a sort of sheen/stiffness to it and I was concerned that when washed it would lose its crispness - both fabric and print  - and possibly colour also, but what do I know, it washes beautifully.  I love these bold prints and I've made myself one of the above, it's lightweight but sturdy and I think it just looks fab.  This one is on Etsy.

This one makes me think beach balls and it would make a great beach bag.

I found this mid century Soviet era print at the recent Textile Society Fair that I went to, the lady selling it travels the world looking for good fabric!  It was interesting to me that it was produced on a very narrow loom.  I also bought vintage French - watch this space - and Hungarian textiles from the same wise woman!

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