Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Textile Society Fair

Sunday was the 25th Antique Textile Fair in Manchester run by the Textile Society,  I think I've been going for about 12 years.  It's my favourite fabric event of the year, always top notch stands run by people who know what they are talking about and are happy to spread their knowledge, good talks and very good bacon baps.  This years I listened to, Retropattern  - Fab Fabrics - 1950's to 1970's,  Paula Day - daughter of Lucienne talking about the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation,  Jennifer Harris - Lucienne Day: The woman and her work and finally the very lovely Henry Holland.

I always apply my one bag rule at this event, a very big bag made by me of course, 

I filled my bottomless bag with barkcloth.

A lot of French fabrics.

Some great British stuff from Festival of Pattern, the one on the left is called Haddon, the one on the right might turn into a Pilvi jacket.  Christine was involved in the Back To The Drawing Board exhibition that I so loved at Keele.

Russian vintage cottons.

Ascher silk that is for me alone!

Hungarian linen on the top that are intended to be tea towels but are square so I'm going to use as napkins, I really want some napkins from Mungo in South Africa but the taxes are prohibitive and their UK stockists never have the colours I want - I'm sure I'll survive this hardship.  I also got a few very thick linen tea towels that I know are going to bring me joy in the kitchen every day.

This is a pile waiting for the washing machine to be free,  well loved linen, hemp and cotton. Also in the magic bag were a couple of things for Miss Belle a winter coat from the Isle of Bute and a pink French overall, four pairs of gloves for me and a few roles of braid.
I staggered back to the car, content for another year!

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