Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Balenciaga & Howard Hodgkin

We had a trip to London, some of us went to see Annie and others went to see Balenciaga.

My favourite.

Upstairs in the exhibition were other designers showing a Balenziaga influence in shaping, 
Gareth Pugh 2013.

Elizabeth Parke Firestone's shoes, when you find something you like why not?

She had an amazing wardrobe.

Women's evening cape 1963.

 A T-shaped kimono cut manipulated into dramatic folds with an invisible internal ribbon, 1950.

Taffeta as thin as burned paper, the shape inspired by the balloon skirts of the women of Ibiza.  Created with hoops to create spacious voids that fill with air when walking, ties at the hem which tie above the knee.


I also managed to get to the National Portrait Gallery, always a treat.

Howard Hodgkin, my favourite was a tiny pencil drawing, no photos allowed.

I couldn't resist this Judith Kerr portrait for my studio.

We also went to the Japan Centre for a bit of reading material.

I am very much enjoying The Master of Us All, a perfect read for the train journey home.

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