Saturday, 29 July 2017

Summer Holidays Week One

Spinners Weavers and Dyers is always a good evening. Teacher stole my poncho!

My sunflower and I popped over to Shrewsbury on the quest for a bit of Shilasdair which we found in
 the Market Hall Shrewsbury at Ewe & Ply, we also found some rather wonderful samosas which we may have stopped and scoffed on a bench on the way to our actual lunch date - in Shrewsbury we turn into veggies and in Oswestry we always turn vegan.

We found some fabulous screen printed linen.

It's in production in the studio but I've left on the printing markings.

I bought this walnut dyed lace weight alpaca from the British Wool show a couple of weeks ago and it's miraculously turned into a Vent d'est vent d'guest by Marie Adeline Boyer.

I also bought some pure wool British coned yarn from Riverside at the show which I knit up for my smallest assistant - the red wouldn't show up but it can be seen in the first photo - Cabled Poncho by the lovely ladies at Sheepfold, Sue and Alice.  This was just a little warm up,  I'm going to knit one for myself in some of my very own handspun Jacob.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

RA Summer Exhibition

We popped down to the Big Smoke on Tuesday for a private view at the RA.  
A little brunch fortified us for our travels.

Then a stroll through Hyde Park to the Serpentine Gallery,

to worship of the Shrine of Mr Perry and The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever.  For anyone who missed them I would recommend his Reith Lectures,  Grayson Perry: Playing to the Gallery: 2013.  I enjoyed these immensely, I've never had so many laugh out loud moments on Radio 4.

In the glorious sunshine we walked down through South Kensington - past the new V&A entrance,  through Chelsea - where we found excellent proper gelato, over the Thames into Battersea and to our destination of Fabrics Galore in Lavender Hill.  We walked through parts of London we'd never been to before, particularly interesting was the Shaftesbury Estate originally built in the 1870's by the Artizans, Labourers and General Dwelling Company, when you see an old bloke leaning on his gate post you know you're going to get gold when you stop for a chat, it was a treat.

Purchases were made and we walked on to Clapham Junction station and gave our feet a rest, 
a mere 7.6 miles from out starting point of Euston.  Fortunately I had left the stilettos at home and had on my sensible Grenson's, not really glamorous enough for a cocktail party but I think I got away with it. We ended the day at the most enjoyable Summer Exhibition.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

National Portrait Gallery

We took a trip to the Big Smoke, sadly I didn't realise we were matchy matchy until I got into the car!  After a good breakfast we went to the National Portrait Gallery to seethe BP Portrait Award 2017.

Of course I never go with the winner, this was by far my favourite, 

We stopped off for some party trousers for a little do next week.

This is what I'll be wearing...


Finally we went to see the new people.

Louis took to his role as big cuz pram pusher very well.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Hand Weaving

I managed to get some pieces of hand weaving from Jan Beadle at Woolfest
 she does beautiful work and we always spend a lot of time cheek feeling her scarves! 
 This mustard and brown is my favourite I think. 

I used the bright yellow linen from my Japanese dress to line the red and grey which is a bit bigger. 

A few new Marimekko pieces.

Now onto the business of a frock for a fancy party at the RA.  I've got to be in London all day so stilettoes are out,  I'm hoping I can get away with a pink stingray brogue if my dress is dazzling enough.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The British Wool Show

I managed to get to The British Wool Show on Saturday. 
These cones of pure British wool from Riverside found their way into my bag...

and some walnut dyed Alpaca...

and my third lot - two cardigans already knit - of Shilasdair from Ewe & Ply...

and a bit of wool fabric from Riverside...

and a small Alpaca!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Eyes Have It

I've been busy with the eyelet tool, I only wish I'd found this years ago.

 A few new project bags in the shop.

I finished off another dress from a rather gorgeous piece of vintage barkcloth, I just had a big square so I went a bit Japanese and didn't use a pattern, seam up the back, arm slits and a bit of neck shaping.

The button tin had to be scoured for the perfect match for my  Sweet Olivia,
a free pattern by Drops Design, Garnstudio.


I knit it in the wonderful local yarn,  Shropshire Ply by Ewe & Ply who can be found at various wool shows and in the Market Hall Shrewsbury - if you are visiting for the first time, it doesn't look very promising from the outside but delights await you inside!  I cocked up by knitting the sleeves inside out but just chopped them off and kitchenered them back on the right way around.

I tried a ribbon button band for the first time after watching a few tutorials.

It wasn't as tricky as I'd expected

I'm very pleased with the finished article and I've worn it already, another one ticked off the list and on to the next.