Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fahrelnissa Zeid

We took a little trip to the big smoke, some of us went off to see The Vale and the more cultured of us took in a few exhibitions.  After a hearty breakfast of course.  We trotted over the road to the RA to see, Matisse in the Studio.  Quite frankly not worth the effort or cost, the exhibition was in a relatively small space with far too many people, many of whom were standing like great tree trunks listening to the audio guide and oblivious to people around them, the content was nothing to write home about.   With a timed ticket this should not happen, we were in there for ten minutes max and couldn't take anymore.

Next we marched down to Tate Modern, bliss.  I'm sad to say I'd never heard of Fahrelnissa Zeid and I've got an Art History degree, we went to see the her exhibition just because it looked colourful.  Wow, paintings on massive scale, so much colour, so much depth and what a story.  Again this was a ticketed timed exhibition and a real treat to visit as it should be, obviously the Tate isn't short of space  which is what is needed for her working only a handful of people because I guess she isn't as popular/known as her white male contemporaries.    We enjoyed the short film on her work and life, always good to put flesh on the bones and for an eleven year old who sees a lot of exhibitions it just makes it more interesting and relatable.
  Miss Belle's words, "why is no-one here, he was just doing schoolwork and she is brilliant", out of the mouths of babes!

We then admired a good bit of moquette on our way up to the V & A Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green.  We picked out the house we would like to live in from Rachel Whiteread's Place (Village) and admired all the very fancy dolls houses in the museum.

We actually went there to see, Michael Murpurgo: A Lifetime in Stories, every corner we went around Miss Belle shouted, "I've read that, is that by him".

A close up look at Joey.  Last thing on a Saturday afternoon is the perfect time to visit,
 the Breton Tops have died down!

 Back to Hakkasan for a quick sesame prawn toast and a Jivara bomb in the dark.

I thought this Zeid self portrait reminded me of something, we saw this Van Gogh about 20 years ago in Denmark, it's stuck with me because it's on the end of my book shelf.

I thought the Zeid exhibition was so good that I not only bought the catalogue but also her biography, Fahrelnissa Zeid Painter of Inner Worlds and now to educate myself.

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