Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Festival of Quilts

I had a great day at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, fabrics 
and notions were purchased, inspiration was gathered.  There are classes - I've 
never taken part in these since a dire experience with a Kaffe Fasset class,  talks, fashion shows, workshops and of course plenty of retail therapy.  These are my favourites in no particular order.  

St. Joseph. I'm home from Italy, by Laura Di Cera. 

There was a lot of fine detail going on under net at this show, I must have a go.

In Perpetual by Janice Gunner.

This one I liked because of the colours and the removal of fabric in tiny little circles.

Black Tuesday by Aran Illingworth.  Who doesn't know this Lange picture of Florence Owens Thompson,  'Migrant Mother', sadly apt for our times.

I Live Here Nearby by Marita Lappalainen.

This just made me smile because it was so lovely and childlike and tactile and I know what a pig velvet is to work with!

Sunshines Out by Juliet Nelmes.

My poor photo does not do this work justice, it's a riot of colour and the tiny hexagons are about a centimetre  across.

Lei Moni - Lei of Pearls by Pippa Moss.  I just love this.

Die Beem - Trees by Lindsey Neill.  Perfect.

Lincoln by Kim Soper.

Weaving #3 by Teresa Gai.

160m of silk strips made 3cm wide on an overlocker.

My Place 4, A Year of flowers by the Atlantic by Susan Denton.

Dotty by Miesje Chafer.

The Tapestry of Life by Mavis Walker.

Last but by no means least,

Les Cocottes by Nicole Dibusi.
Just for the layered chick detail.

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