Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hand Crafting

A fabulous piece of hand spun, indigo dyed - by hand obviously - vintage linen, you just can't get it like this anymore.  Distressed leather compliments the character of this linen perfectly.

All edges hand bound with a vintage Tootal scarf, as good on the inside as the outside of course.

I acquired some gorgeous French needlepoints, 
the Young Girl Reading, Fragonard will be staying in our house.


The reader and the hunters have had a long soak and a bucket full of dirt later are now having a good stretch in the sun.

I'm a novice spinner and so foolish that I didn't think of the consequences of letting my little spinner have fun on my wheel with lots of colours and bobbins, the problem being you always need an empty bobbin to ply onto!  I've found what I need on  a lovely Etsy shop.

I've finished a sweater that I hated from about 2 inches up but I ploughed on,  it's now in a dark corner awaiting inspiration.

Most remarkably of all, I have made myself a cover for my trusty Juki, a beautiful piece of double woven wool from Riverside Crafts.  I've been sewing seriously for the last 20 years and have never got around to dressing my machine, the rest will be cosied up I'm sure.

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