Friday, 23 March 2018

Lincrusta Tyvek

Although it goes completely against the grain I do love a bit of tyvek.  
Light but strong and I found this lincrusta/moulded/blown type, what's not to like?

Perfect for pouches.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sapporo Coat

I made up a Sapporo Coat from Papercut Patterns.  Harris Tweed that I got in Glasgow a few years ago - my rucksack was so full of fabric I tipped myself over looking in the sale bin!  I contrasted with a biscuit coloured pure wool and lined it with silk I got the last time I was in Como.

It was a bagged lining.  The pattern itself was very straightforward and I only changed the sleeve/cuff, it's supposed to be a double thickness of the main fabric but I thought it would be too heavy so I used the silk instead and I also changed the way the sleeve and body joined.

My assistant had a trim and was feeling the cold so we knocked up a little cashmere sweater en-route.

So many colours in the Harris Tweed.

I was disappointed with the finished article at first, it's a bit dull for me and then my harshest critic, Miss Belle,  said, "Ooh that's too drab for you" and on closer inspection, "Drab on the outside, jazzy on the inside",  I think that says it all!

On point.

A sprinkling of snow for the debut.  The hat is 16 Sixteen Cable Hat.

Very roomy.

Love those pockets.

It was this big!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Grainline Studio

I have ventured further with the stretch knits and made a t-shirt completely on my overlocker, that fourth needle has never been in before.  I was very excited about it, everyone else in my house couldn't understand my jubilation over an ordinary t-shirt!  Grain line Studio Linden again.


I got some fab sweat shirting from the Fancy Silk store and made a long sleeved version size 12 but decided it was far too big, so I cut it down to a size 8 and it was alright but has been stolen by another member of my household,  I have replenished my fabric and I'm going to do the 10 which should be just right.  This is a short sleeve version from the original leftovers with neon orange side pockets.

Grainline Studio again, this was my muslin for my Farrow, it's now gone to live with a friend.

I made one up in a teal corduroy, the only problem is the nap makes it very hard to get a coat or cardigan on on top of it,  lesson learned.

Now I'd got the Farrow sussed next up was a version in Brushed Japanese Linen from The Cloth House.  I was obviously having a good day when I bought this fabric because I got three metres which is unheard of for me, but it meant that for once I had plenty of yardage and I even cut the pieces all going in the same direction, very extravagant but I will use up the excess.

I took myself off to the Big Smoke at the weekend, this is the Sapporo Coat from Papercut Patterns, I tried it on at Raystitch - teal Farrow underneath - this is next on my to do list.

I also popped into The Cloth House and discovered many delights, obviously!  The reason for my trip was actually to take a class with the super duper talented Olgajazzy, she was teaching her Kune-Kune class - this was my christmas knit - but I took her brand spanking new Ten-Ten.  I am in awe of her.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Welsh Tapestry and Manx Loaghtan Tweed

While I was snowed in I was busy in my studio with my favourite Welsh Tapestry.

I love the very bright brights!

I managed to make a Manx Loaghtan Tweed pouch from the offcuts of my dress,  this primitive sheep the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watch list. 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Snow Trapeze

It's been a little bit snowy here, fortunately I have had the blankety loveliness of my newly made Trapeze dress to keep me toasty.

I bought some Manx Loaghtan tweed at Woolfest  a couple of years ago with the intention of making a trapeze but it's taken me this long to get around to it and I was sweating on getting it out of the yardage I had.

I just managed to squeeze out what I wanted, the tweed is divine 

and after a couple of tweaks  I've worn it a lot.

I  took advantage of the snow to have a go at cleaning my wool doormat, apparently it's a thing.

It stays on the line to get chilly while I beavered away in the warm.

We all had a snow day and I  decided to do a bit of acid dyeing, I hadn't tried it before but I will be doing more.

This is to show the clear 'exhausted' water.

I had about 2000m of Shetland, the bright blue is lambswool and cotswold which was an early spinning attempt, a bit of Shetland singles, Cotswold and the two tone is  lambswool and linen.

I've been double jumpered and wrist-warmered up and wearing my latest knit, Pink Memories by 
Isabell Kraemer in a local yarn, Shropshire 1512 from Ewe & Ply.