Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sapporo Coat

I made up a Sapporo Coat from Papercut Patterns.  Harris Tweed that I got in Glasgow a few years ago - my rucksack was so full of fabric I tipped myself over looking in the sale bin!  I contrasted with a biscuit coloured pure wool and lined it with silk I got the last time I was in Como.

It was a bagged lining.  The pattern itself was very straightforward and I only changed the sleeve/cuff, it's supposed to be a double thickness of the main fabric but I thought it would be too heavy so I used the silk instead and I also changed the way the sleeve and body joined.

My assistant had a trim and was feeling the cold so we knocked up a little cashmere sweater en-route.

So many colours in the Harris Tweed.

I was disappointed with the finished article at first, it's a bit dull for me and then my harshest critic, Miss Belle,  said, "Ooh that's too drab for you" and on closer inspection, "Drab on the outside, jazzy on the inside",  I think that says it all!

On point.

A sprinkling of snow for the debut.  The hat is 16 Sixteen Cable Hat.

Very roomy.

Love those pockets.

It was this big!


  1. Hi Sarah, I just love your Sapporo coat! I'm going to start a Sapporo coat soon and was wondering how you changed the sleeve/lining so you could bag the entire coat? I know the original pattern has some hand stitching and the sleeve lining being made from the same fabric as the main. Thanks!

    1. Hello and thank you. I think in the original pattern the cuff part is a double thickness of the main fabric so that the lining only starts at the arm seam, I just thought this would be way too heavy. I think I just extended the sleeve lining to reach almost the cuff fold and bagged it exactly as the pattern suggests, pulling it all through a lining seam at the shoulder.