Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ginger Jeans

I made myself a pair of Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Patterns.  
These are my muslin, (practice), and I'm pretty pleased with them.

The denim needs a bit of stretch, 
I got three to try from The Fancy Silk Store and started off with my least favourite.

These are the high-rise version and so comfy.

The reason most people make clothes is not because of cost - it could be - but more likely because of fit.  I've spent years in badly fitting jeans, big thighs,  big hip bones but proportionally smaller waist does not tally with the majority of jeans around at the moment, skinny leg and low-rise.

These were a lot easier to make than I expected.

At times I did have to suspend my practical thinking and experience and just go with the instruction book and of course it worked.

I was chuffed with my zip insertion.

The pockets meet up at the zip which gives an altogether smoother silhouette.

Top stitching is much easier with something under your machine foot when you get to a bulky seam and of course I hammered a lot of my bulk before I started.

Fly before it was unpicked and revealed.

I made serious notes, it's a lot easier with two sewing machines, one set up for top stitching.

My pocket idea was a serene swan leaving a Hokusai style wave in it's wake.  I could have executed the pocket design better but I was impatient to get them on and I think they'll do for a first attempt.

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