Monday, 14 May 2018

London Underground Moquette

I've been working on a bit of London Underground Victoria Line original moquette, it's basically carpet so a bit of a pig to work with but lasts forever this time I've gone for thicker navy handles, its over in the Etsy shop.

I'm on a bit of a jeans kick lately, 2 pairs of Ginger Jeans made and another cut out.  I've got a lot of different denims in my studio and decided I'd try putting some together in my cross back aprons.  This one has two types, orange top stitching and jeans style pockets.

I'm rather in love with one, 8 types of denim and my favourite pinstripe - 1980's - down the back edge, yellow top stitching and again jeans shape pockets.

Finally a shot denim, a navy and sparky teal weave so it shimmers with movement, this usual original design  with big rounded pockets.

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