Mustard and Marimekko

  • Mustard and Marimekko
  • Mustard and Marimekko
  • Mustard and Marimekko
  • Mustard and Marimekko
  • Mustard and Marimekko

My 'Patchwork' items are all pieced by me, not a pre-existing patchwork. I've always been a fan of patchwork for its versatility and if you should get bored of your skirt you can take out the seams and you have two rectangular quilt tops ready to turn into something else. All the fabrics are old, used or left over from projects of my own and either cotton or linen.

Any patchworker will tell you it takes an incredible amount of time to piece a quilt together. The first thing I do is make sure all fabric edges are true and straight, it's a personal bug bear of mine to see cock-eyed seams, next is laundering after which I can see what colour palette I have to work with and then the fun of cutting and piecing begins. All seams are stitched and overlocked so they are good for decades.

This one started with some spectacular mid century bark cloth left over from one of my favourite dresses. I added mustard and yellow linens from shirts that had fallen out of favour, a bit of Marimekko Unikko in a bold black and white and a glorious 60's striped sheeting, Sanderson blooms and a hunting scene in beautiful linens.

I really like a lot of width in these skirts and this one is a 44" hem laid flat so thats's actually 88" of patchwork around the body. I've added big pleats and then gathered on to an elasticated waistband making the waist a little less poofy than with just gathers. Also you can wear whichever way around you prefer, the front and back are different. All my skirts have generous inseam pockets because pockets are essential!

I've left all my patchwork items un-finished at the hem so I can make the length to your own preference. I'll also finish the elasticated waist to your size, just let me know your actual waist and length in the comments box.

Because I'm working with salvaged textiles I don't offer any standard measurements, lengths and widths will vary.

Can fit up to a 50" hip
Length 37"
Hem width laid flat 44"

Everything in my shop is made by me in my very messy studio in Staffordshire and all from secondhand fabrics in good natural fibres, cotton, linen, silk and wool.